Our History

Company History

Angus Consulting Management Limited (ACML) has been providing facilities management, operations and maintenance services for over 40 years.

Our roots trace back to 1919 with the formation of HH Angus and Associates, one of Canada’s oldest and largest engineering firms providing mechanical and electrical engineering consulting services. The growth and success of the firm over the next 50 years led to a significant number of clients asking HH Angus to commission and maintain the building systems that the company designed. In 1970, we evolved and we began offering facilities management, operations and maintenance services. Early on in our role as the manager of operations and maintenance, we realized the need for dedicated special software and created our affiliate Angus Systems Group Limited who develops applications to help us optimize our operations.

Today we work closely with our affiliates, HH Angus & Associates Limited and Angus Systems, to provide a complete solution offering in the areas of building services and process engineering design, facilities management, power generation, energy modeling, prime consulting and CMMS software. Together, we bring unparalleled advantages to our clients throughout North America.