Director of P3 Operations (Western Region) - Vancouver


Vancouver, BC

Job Posting: 

Primary Duties:

Project Objectives
  • Ensures that facilities are managed in accordance with contractual obligations;
  • Makes financial, relational and organizational decisions with respect to the management of the sites within agreed upon authority levels;
  • Understands, interprets and manages ACML’s business plan within the complex boundaries of the project agreement(s); 
  • Reviews/interprets financial information and makes recommendations; analyzes/reviews major capital expenditures with client; establishes budgets for the portfolio based on business needs;
  • Leads client discussions re: life-cycle asset management, capital expenditures, development/prioritization of capital infrastructure renewal plans, governance meetings, etc.;
  • Contributes to the development of the company’s business strategy with forward thinking and future planning; promotes the company for additional services, business initiatives/opportunities;
  • Participates in client operational meetings and on committees as required; 
  • Develops/presents portfolio monthly reports and business plans considering both the performance objectives/deliverables of the contract and the business objectives of the firm. 

Client Relations

  • Develops/maintains client relations; ascertains long-term client needs/goals; reviews the delivery of services for client and identifies opportunities for improvement;
  • Oversees the resolution of contract management issues with clients, intervening in the most complex and sensitive issues;
  • Intervenes and resolves potentially volatile situations with clients or external service providers to ensure that the client receives the contractually agreed upon level of service within budget;
  • Nurtures relationships with senior level industry contacts to increase the company’s presence in the industry and develop potential business opportunities.

Site Leadership

  • Ensures all contractual deliverables are being met; sites are maintaining the contract baseline, and proper administration of practices, terms and conditions; 
  • Leads/directs the development and delivery of business strategies to eliminate/minimize service failure deductions, reviews financial and business risks associated with the proposed strategies;
  • Ensures all assigned work from team meets task/project timelines; ensures the team is working cohesively and provides support as required;
  • Supports site team with client correspondence as it relates to contractual obligations; identifies and investigates contract breaches and informs relevant stakeholders; oversees the management and resolution of claims and holds site team accountable 
  • Ensures that management team maintains a deep knowledge and understanding of facilities management in order to lead and direct staff and external service providers;
  • Ensures that site team understands the agreed upon contractual obligations of the Company; 
  • Develops and reviews Operational budgets, cost recording, financial impact of claims, etc.;
  • Develops goals/objectives in collaboration with staff; guides staff in development/management of operational plans and effective communication;
  • Ensures site team follow company policies and guidelines;
  • Provides leadership to the team; supports managers with recruitment process; mentors/coaches team; investigates performance issues/recommends action; conducts performance reviews for direct reports; facilitates employee goal setting; identifies training/educational/professional development requirements;
  • Ensures specialized expertise and training resources reside within portfolio for specific areas of facilities management;
  • Decides on the ideal complement of staff for their portfolio and recommends to ACML senior management.

Continuous Improvement

  • Contributes to the development of company policies, procedures and protocols;
  • Meets regularly with client to provide/obtain facility performance updates and to strategize about major improvements in the business planning cycle;
  • Implements client programs; executes effective actions to meet/exceed expectations, commitments and service delivery; recommends solutions to complex issues; utilizes feedback for process improvement;
  • Identifies inefficiencies in the delivery of facilities management and brainstorms with their management team to determine the root causes of such issues and the development of appropriate solutions;
  • Uses advanced analytical techniques in the assessment of industry “best practices” and new technology in the delivery of their portfolio’s services and for the selection and assessment of external service suppliers;
  • Oversees the implementation of quality control and risk reduction programs (i.e., policies, procedures, ISO 9001, etc.);
  • Provides expertise in development/improvement of maintenance programs; applies planning/scheduling techniques and risk-mitigation strategies to ensure effective delivery of preventative, predictive and response maintenance; ensures appropriate use/maintenance of computerized maintenance management system (CMMS);
  • Ensures portfolio compliance re: health and safety standards, as well as applicable codes/regulations;
  • Provides technical support re: life safety system failures, equipment breakdowns, etc.; investigates root cause;
  • Assesses the work of external service providers, consultants, designers and contractors; provides feedback, and decides on the retention of their services.


  • Minimum 15 years related/progressive property management, facilities management, contract management and/or operations management experience;
  • Post-secondary degree/diploma in a relevant field of study (e.g., Engineering, Facilities Management, Commerce, etc.); or a professional engineer licensed in Canada (P. Eng); or combination of education, training and experience;
  • Project management experience; demonstrated ability to effectively manage complex performance based contracts, capital projects, budgets, etc.;
  • Ability to lead a large team and foster strong team relations;
  • Knowledge/understanding of Occupational Health & Safety Act; building/fire/other codes and applicable standards/regulations pertaining to facilities maintenance and operations;
  • Strong communication/presentation skills (verbal and written); 
  • Critical, logical and strategic thinking/analysis;
  • Proven ability to plan, organize, prioritize and implement;
  • Advance proficiency in Microsoft Office (i.e., Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook);
  • As business needs arise, must be available outside of regular business hours to attend to matters. 

Interested applicants are encouraged to send in resume to Please include job posting #1115 in the subject line.