Operating Engineer, 3rd Class - Oshawa, ON



Primary Duties:

  • Delivers day to day service tasks and customer satisfaction.Contributes to a culture of: continuous improvement and customer service excellence within service delivery team
  • Collaborates with other Operating Engineers on day to day deliverables.
  • Participates in 24/7 on site coverage requirements.
  • Delivers service in compliance with regulatory and code requirements.
  • Liaise with regulatory agencies as directed by Chief Operating Engineer (e.g., TSSA).
  • Participates in a productive working alliance with client service delivery teams providing support as directed.
  • Performs maintenance and operations including but not limited to preventative/corrective/demand maintenance; inspections/tours of equipment, systems, and areas; and task/work plan documentation including CMMS.
  • Performs minor repairs; clears drains/sumps; re-packs valves; replaces pumps/motors; resets breakers; etc. as required.
  • Responds to emergency calls as directed; escalates unusual events/occurrences to Chief Operating Engineer.
  • Familiar with building operations including but not limited to HVAC, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing; ensures systems are operated in a safe/efficient manner.
  • Conducts inspections on mechanical, electrical and HVAC systems and related equipment including water treatment, boilers, heat pumps, roof top units, air conditioners, etc., as per work plan and completes appropriate record logs.
  • Takes readings of major equipment either directly or through Building Automation System (BAS) including but not limited to mechanical, electrical and HVAC systems and related equipment.
  • Carries out preventative maintenance tasks as prescribed on equipment/systems.
  • Completes repairs/maintenance as required including belts, pulleys, filters, etc.
  • Responds to tenant concerns in a timely manner and assists in solving problems as required.
  • Maintains shop/equipment areas in a clean, safe and professional manner.
  • As directed coordinates and schedules equipment maintenance/repair/replacement with appropriate subcontractor.
  • Adheres to health, safety and security procedure; reports concerns to appropriate parties in a timely manner.
  • Completes duties/responsibilities with initiative and minimal supervision.
  • Adheres to company’s Quality Management System and operating policies/procedures.
  • Performs job functions in a safe/healthy manner, abiding by and in accordance with applicable Health, Safety and Environmental company policies and government legislation/regulations.
  • Demonstrates ongoing, continuous learning; maintains knowledge of current trends/technological advancements in field, including up to date knowledge of bylaws, codes, regulations and standards.
  • In collaboration with next level of management, defines skill and competency gap and creates/ implements personal/career development plans.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


  • Possesses a 3rd Class Stationary Engineers Certificate in good standing or;
  • Possesses a Refrigeration “B” Certificate in good standing.
  • Possesses a valid driver’s license.
  • Minimum 10 years of consecutive experience in related facilities operations and maintenance.
  • Sound knowledge of building systems and operations.
  • Computer literate including BAS and CMMS.
  • Ability to meet customer security clearance requirements.
  • Good customer service, communication and leadership skills.
  • Able to work independently with minimal direction and respond to emergency situations.
  • Good time management skills and ability to prioritize work to deliver successful results within agreed upon timeframes.
  • Demonstrated ability to contribute to a culture of continuous improvement and customer service excellence within service delivery team.

Interested applicants are encouraged to send a resume to careers@acml.ca