Providence Health Care Society

Providence Health Care Society

Vancouver, British Columbia

Building Size:
2,250,000 square feet. 1,438 acute care beds.

Providence Health Care Society is an acute care, teaching and research health care organization with eight sites. They are the largest Catholic Health Organization in Canada, providing programs and services across the full consortium of care, from primary to tertiary to rehabilitation to residential care.

ACML has been providing Providence Health Care with quality improvement and cost savings initiatives since 1995. We have a long-term proven track record at facilities by delivering on established goals and objectives. ACML currently provides services to eight sites at Providence Health Care.

These include:
St. Paul's Hospital, Mount St. Joseph Hospital, Heather, Langara Residence, Youville Residence, Brock Fahrni Facility, Holy Family Hospital and Marion Hospice.

ACML Services Commenced:
1995 and ongoing

Scope of Services Provided: