Celestica Inc. Central Utility Plant

Toronto, Ontario

Complex Size:  Over 1 million square foot complex

Central Utility Plant: Approximately 25,000 square feet

ACML Services Commenced: 1996 and ongoing


ACML has been providing services to the Central Utility Plant at 844 Don Mills Road since September 1993 when it was originally owned by IBM Canada. It is a TSSA Registered 1st Class (Steam) Power Plant that requires 24/7 on-site staffing.  ACML staff the facility with a 1st Class Chief Operating Engineer and 2nd Class Operating Engineers who work shifts to meet the 24/7 requirement.  There are two independent hydro feeds that supply electricity to the facility.  The Central Utility Plant supports Celestica’s electronics manufacturing facility by supplying the following essential services:

  • Chilled water for air conditioning systems and environmental testing chambers.
  • Steam for heating, humidification, cafeteria operations and environmental testing chambers.
  • Deionized water for use on the production line
  • Compressed air for use on the production line
  • Emergency power
  • Electrical distribution

The plant is equipped with the following primary equipment:

  • 3 steam boilers with a total capacity of 80,000 lbs/hr of steam @ 80 psi
  • 3 centrifugal chillers with a total capacity of 4,000 tons of refrigeration
  • Ice storage system with total capacity of 2,000 tons of refrigeration
  • Air compressor plant utilizing frictionless bearing technology with a 4,900 cfm capacity
  • Reverse Osmosis System with a capacity to produce 200 gpm of deionized water
  • 2 Diesel Generators with a total capacity of 800Kw

Scope of Services Provided:

  • Site staff (24/7) and services
  • Operations and maintenance of plant equipment
  • CMMS implementation
  • Building life safety system operation and maintenance