Energy Centre

Windsor, Ontario

Complex Size:  Over 1 million square feet

Central Utility Plant: Approximately 25,000 square feet

ACML Services Commenced: 2009 and ongoing


ACML has been providing operating and maintaining our client’s energy centre since Sept 2009.  The energy centre is a TSSA Registered Plant and is staffed by licensed ACML operators on a 24/7 basis.  There are two independent hydro feeds that supply electricity to the facility.  The central utility plant is also equipped with co-generation equipment that is capable of supplying electricity to the hydro grid.  The Central Utility Plant supports the adjacent facility by supplying the following essential services:

  • Chilled water for air conditioning systems
  • Hot Water for heating systems
  • Emergency Power for life safety systems
  • Electrical distribution

Scope of Services Provided:

  • Site staff (24/7) and services
  • Operations and maintenance of plant equipment
  • CMMS implementation
  • Building life safety system operation and maintenance