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Making Sure Procurement is Competitive

483 Bay Street

Size: 90,000 m²
Location: Toronto, ON


483 Bay Street, located in the heart of Toronto, was built in 1983 and is a multi-tenant facility housing a number of corporate head offices and data centre applications. The facility utilizes a thermal storage system for its chilled water system and supports switching operations for a large telecommunications network. 483 Bay Street was the first office building in Toronto to receive LEED EB Gold certification.


  • Building operations and maintenance
  • Customized procurement program
  • On-site team
  • Quality improvement and energy management strategies
  • CMMS implementation and optimization


ACML is a trusted long-term service provider, assisting the client achieve their goals, award pursuit and operations cost control. ACML is committed to a diligent, competitive procurement process that spans from identification of an operational ‘need’ to close out of payments. ACML is committed to the diligence we place on the competitive procurement procurement process. We use, at arm’s length, 3rd party providers so that clients are not subject to any mark ups. We are fully transparent and ensure we meet client governance requirements. Monitoring, evaluation and performance management of each vendor all receive an exceptionally high degree of rigour.


As we have no vested interest in any subcontractors, other than ensuring they provide cost competitive, quality products and services to our clients; ACML has No Conflict of Interest in selecting suppliers. The model of a pass-through with no markups enables us to save our clients between 10% and 20% by applying this robust process.

ACML does not seek or keep any percentage of savings we achieve.