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Highly Available and Reliable Thermal & Electrical Energy

Energy Centre

Size: 3,200 m²
Location: Ontario


Designed as a cogeneration power plant with the capacity to provide thermal energy (both heating and cooling), electrical power, standby and life safety electricity to a newly expanded Ontario resort. The complex includes a large hotel, a 10,000 m2 entertainment space and a convention centre. ACML commenced providing Facilities Management and Mechanical & Electrical operations in September 2009. The site is fed by two 27.6 KV incoming hydro feeds with closed transition switching capability, mechanical heating and cooling systems and supported by 14 MW installed generator capacity.


  • 24/7/365 site coverage
  • CMMS implementation & optimization
  • Operations and maintenance


The entertainment industry is a multi-billion-dollar enterprise in Ontario and resorts like the one supported by this Energy Centre are designed and operated to be destinations of choice. This together with a highly regulated operating environment requires certified site staff that are supported by a rigorous training program, operating procedures (EOP, MOP and SOP’s) and readiness testing. Further, the client’s criteria surrounding high-quality 3rd party service provider procurement criteria, vendor management and oversight demand a level of diligence that is second to none.


ACML has not only risen to the challenges set forth by our client and their customers; but excelled and achieved 100% uptime from the inception of service provision resulting in no downtime or forced outages to the resort facilities.

Further to the implementation of O&M Best Practices, a Quality Management (QMS) program, Building Automation (BAS) and CMMS program, the power plant was audited by TSSA and achieved the Quality Assessed Facility certification. In addition, since the commencement of ACML services, the site has achieved the property insurer’s best possible Risk Assessment score awarded for overall condition; the management and staff were commended on excellent maintenance and loss prevention programs.

Our team is supported by HH Angus, who have been instrumental in assisting ACML with commissioning and rectifying significant legacy operational deficiencies thus improving redundancy and reliability.