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Ensuring Business Continuity and Resiliency

TD Bank Group

Size: 90,000 m²
Location: Undisclosed


ACML has been providing operations and maintenance services to data centre environmental systems for 45 years. We are responsible for the overall facility maintenance and operations for 5 of the Bank’s critical facilities, comprised of complex HVAC, electrical and UPS distribution networks backed up by emergency power at all locations. ACML is responsible for first line troubleshooting of faults, performing preventative maintenance, coordination and supervision of contracted services.


  • 24/7/365 site coverage
  • Building operations and maintenance
  • Vendor management
  • Uptime certification
  • Project management & oversight
  • Tenant requests


ACML understands the criticality of the services supporting the raised floor and the need for 100% uptime which is accomplished through careful, timely and risk-averse maintenance of redundant mechanical and electrical equipment providing power and cooling to IT hardware.


ACML’s commitment to planning for all contingencies which includes the development of detailed documentation (SOPs, MOPs, EOPs), rehearsal exercises using table top training drills to prepare for emergencies and rigorous testing ahead of executing major, planned activities have demonstrated our commitment to being “Best in Class”. This commitment to continuous improvement and business risk management has resulted in us obtaining the Uptime Institute’s M&O Stamp of Approval for our client.